Helping to Share the Warmth this Season

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We’re collecting donations for the Snowsuit Fund – and need your help!

If there’s one thing that all Ottawans can agree on, it’s that winters here can get downright, bone-chillingly cold! And while many of us are fortunate enough to have big, comfy coats to protect us against the elements, that’s not always the case for everyone.

Children playing outside

That’s why the Snowsuit Fund exists (and why Colonnade Bridgeport is collecting donations for it again this year!), to raise money and collect donations so that needy children here in our community can have warm winter clothing too.

And there is certainly a demand for warm clothing here in Ottawa – on average, the Snowsuit Fund will distribute around 16,000 new snowsuits and other cold weather accessories to children in families living below the poverty line.

This year, with so much uncertainty in the world, there remains a great need for warm winter clothing. In 2019, our amazing Westboro Connections tenants helped us raise 9 winter coats, 23 hats, 18 pairs of mittens, 8 scarves and 5 pairs of warm pants along with a cash donation for the Snowsuit Fund!

In order to continue this tradition of giving in 2020, Colonnade Bridgeport will be placing collection boxes outside the admin offices of our buildings. These boxes will be made available for your donations from 9am to 5pm Monday-Friday, between December 9th and 20th.

Along with the Snowsuit Fund, we can help make this winter a little bit warmer for those in need – let’s show them what some good, old-fashioned Ottawa care looks like!

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