4 Space-Saving Tips for Your Studio Apartment

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There are many benefits to living in a studio apartment. For instance, they're often the most affordable option on the market, they're easier to clean and maintain, and they're super cozy, too!

One of the challenges with studio apartments is there often isn't a lot of storage space. It can be an adjustment, especially for people who are used to having more space.

The good news is there are lots of creative ways to maximize your studio apartment space and have a place for all your important belongings.

Here are 4 space-saving tips for your studio apartment:

Use corners/divots in your walls to create a cozy workspace in your studio apartment

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a huge shift in work cultures across all sectors and industries. The biggest one is the ability for employees to work from home.

This posed a challenge for a lot of people renting studio apartments. You can only work on the couch, bed or tiny bistro table for so long before your productivity takes a hit. A smaller space can also make it harder to separate "work" and "home."

An easy solution for this is to use a corner/divot in your apartment to place a small desk or table. This will become your dedicated work-from-home space.

By having a dedicated space, you will be free from distractions, while also keeping a healthy separation between when it's "work" and when it's time to relax.

Use under your bed for additional storage

What other use does this space have anyway besides collecting dust bunnies? Get some appropriately-sized storage containers and leverage the space to store clothing, bedding and anything else! To maximize the space, even more, use vacuum-seal bags to fit even more under the bed.

Place a dresser in the main living area

Dressers are often considered a piece for the bedroom, but in a studio apartment, those barriers literally no longer exist!

Placing a dresser with lots of drawers in your living area will not only give you more space but also make a beautiful accent piece! You can use the top to place your TV, or anything else important you'd like to display! The dresser can be bought new, or you can find one in a second-hand or vintage store. Also, check local marketplace listings for bargains.

Use shelves to reduce clutter in your studio apartment

Avoid surface clutter by using shelves to display your favourite mementos and photographs.  You can also find cool decorative boxes to store smaller items in and place them on the shelves. It's a decorating and storage win-win!

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