Why W Dental Studio Makes Westboro Village Its Home

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Growing up in Ottawa, Dr. Firas Al Khalili knows the city pretty well.

So, when it came to him and his wife, Dr. Susan Daftary, to open another dental practice in the city, he knew exactly which neighbourhood they wanted to go to – Westboro Village.

Westboro Village is one of Ottawa's most diverse neighbourhoods. Its tree-lined showcase one-of-a-kind boutiques, businesses and trendy restaurants. The area is also known for its natural beauty and welcoming outdoor spaces, particularly Westboro Beach.

"We just always just gravitated to the area, its walkable, it's close to the beach, just the lifestyle," says Dr. Al Khalili. "And we're trying to be a compliment to the neighborhood."

An Ottawa Dentist Office with a "Spa-like" Feel

Lobby of W Dental in Westboro OntarioW Dental Studio brings a spa-like experience to going to the dentist. Spread over 4 levels, W Dental Studio combines cutting-edge dental care with all the amenities you need to make your appointment as relaxing as possible.

The office features a "comfort menu" complementary to patients both before and during their appointments. Before their appointment, patients can take advantage of a hot or cold beverages and lip balm to moisturize their lips before their appointment. There's also an iPad available for kids to use to keep themselves busy before they head to the dentist's chair.

During their appointment, W Dental Studio offers heated/massage dental chairs, neck pillows, weighted blankets and wireless noise-cancelling earphones so patients can enjoy Netflix, Disney+ and Spotify during procedures.

W-Dental Studio is also paperless and aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible in their operations, even down to the bamboo toothbrushes they give patients after their appointment.

The best part? None of these costs extra to patients.

"We've been received well by residents. Anybody who's come in has been wowed by how it has a calming, calming spa-like atmosphere. Why not have that along with your dental work?" says Dr. Al Khalili.

"There's no extra cost. The fees in Ontario are pretty much standardized, but we're offering all these amenities with your dental treatment. There's no upcharge because we gave you a bamboo toothbrush. There's not an upcharge because we have a massage chair for you while you get your dental work, it's just part of the whole experience."

Westboro Village Offers an Active Urban Lifestyle

Dentist chair at W Dental in Westboro OntarioDr. Al Khalili says Westboro is a unique neighbourhood in Ottawa because of its closeness to local amenities. Residents can walk down the street and experience different local shops, restaurants, and other businesses.

"There's a lot of these unique 'mom and pop' restaurants or unique yoga studios and spas," he says. "Every little business is somewhat unique. It's not your traditional box stores. There's no Home Depot or Michaels or stores like that."

Westboro Village provides a lifestyle that's hard to find elsewhere in the city.

"Where we live there's not much walkability, just your normal suburb, like Mississauga or something." says Dr. Al Khalili. "In this neighbourhood everybody's walking, there are little cafes and little ice cream shops, it's close to the river, so that's how Westboro Village presents itself.

Discover Local at Westboro Connection

Discover Local logoW Dental Studio is one of Westboro Connection’sDiscover local partners. Discover Local is an exclusive program to familiarize Westboro Connection residents, with the neighbourhood and the many local businesses and services. It's all about revealing what makes Westboro Village so vibrant, inspiring and livable. From cafes and restaurants to retailers, gyms and beyond, we invite you to discover local. There's a whole neighbourhood waiting to be discovered!

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